VaryDisk P500i

The VaryDisk PICO is a fully functional laser system for laboratory investigations and/or industrial use. The pulse characteristics of the VaryDisk PICO is mainly determined by the seed laser of this system. Our standard configurations includes a 10 ps seed, however other pulse durations are possible, depending on the need of our customer. The choice of pulse duration, actually determines the maximum available energy with this laser system. Depending on the individual choice of parameters, the VaryDisk laser system qualifies as industrial / scientific or prototype laser system. Compared to our other VaryDisk systems, the VaryDisk PICO is a robust system with minor complexity.

The output power of the fundamental wavelength 1030 nm and THG at 343 nm are 500 W and 100 W or larger, respectively.

  • output power: up to 500 W 
  • pulse energy: up to 4 mJ @ 10 ps
  • pulse duration depends on seed laser: e.g. 10 ps, other seed lasers on request
  • repetition rate: 125 kHz in the standard configuration
  • wavelength: 1030 nm, 515 nm, 343 nm
  • beam quality: M2 < 1.5
  • power stability: RMS < 2%
  • pulse energy stability: RMS < 3%
  • warm-up time: < 20 min

Additional information


We offer different options along with the VaryDisk PICO in order to increase the output power and/or to allow additional operating modes along with the generation of different pulse characteristics, e.g. At 1030 nm, pulse durations 10 ps and 10’s ns are bidirectionally switchable with a transition period of *** μs. Some of the available options are listed below. Please consult our team for possible combination choices and further information.


All data given here are approximate, since nearly every laser is unique with respect to our customers requests (even the specifications given here):

laser head approx. 200kg, (109 x 80 x 54) cm3 without seed (additionally 60 kg) and optional modules
rack approx. 200 kg, (82 x 55 x 1000) cm3
laser head / rack connection: 4 m
additional chiller might be required with up to 130 kg, (97 x 38 x 108)  cm3 (depending on output power and repetition rate


power supply 3 phases 380 V, 50 Hz + N + ground, CEE 32 A plug
power consumption < 4 kW … 6 kW
water connection barbed fittings for tubing 13 mm or 16 mm inner diameter
water flow  15 l/min @ 12 °C – 25 °C
water quality filtered 80 μm recommended, low chlorine concentration (< 200 mg/l)
20 – 25°C operating temperature, low humidity