VaryDisk Platform

The VaryDisk-platform is a high energy multi-milli-Joule laser system for laboratory investigations and/or industrial use. Based on our more than 10 years experience in thin-disk laser systems, the main core of the VaryDisk-platform is a thin disk regenerative amplifier for amplification of femtosecondpicosecond or nanosecond pulses with amplification factors in the order of 10⁶. The output specifications can be chosen according to our customers need, mainly by choice of the seed laser (multiple seed lasers are possible) and various options available.

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The VaryDisk NANO is based on a robust design with least complexity

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Utilizing a Picosecond seed, pulse energies in the mJ regime are available

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The VaryDisk FEMTO is equiped with a femtosecond seed source, allowing ultrashort pulse durations. 

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The VaryDisk ENERGY uses chirped pulse amplification (CPA) for highest peak powers

The VaryDisk system is based on highly sophisticated engineering with extremely high stability. What makes the VaryDisk platform unique is its ability to combine various seed lasers and to have various motorized adjustments available, in order to allow the maximum in flexibility. Due to its thin disk technology with large mode radii on the gain medium and propagation in air, high pulse energies can be easily generated without risk of damage. Special requests can be taken into consideration, such as e.g. implementation of the customers seed laser.

The VaryDisk ENERGY is a fully functional laser system with chirped pulse amplification (CPA) for laboratory investigations and/or industrial use.

The VaryDisk FEMTO is equiped with a femtosecond seed source, allowing ultrashort pulse durations. Especially useful for the VaryDisk FEMTO system is the variability option, alowing a motorized adjustment of the pulse duration.  

The pulse characteristics of the VaryDisk PICO is mainly determined by the seed laser of this system. Our standard configurations includes a 10 ps seed, however other pulse durations are possible, depending on the need of our customer. The choice of pulse duration, actually determines the maximum available energy with this laser system.

The output specifications of the VaryDisk NANO is characterized by nanosecond pulse durations (approx. 20 ns) realized without seed laser by cavity dumping. The VaryDisk NANO is based on a robust design with least complexity.

The VaryDisk Series is highly customizable; parameters may change and are subject to detailed discussion with customer at the time of purchase; parameters given here are typcial realizations for the specific setup; depending on the choice of parameters, the laser system qualifies as industrial, scientific or prototype system;

Feature Highlights

  • customizable output parameters
  • robust design
  • output power: up to 400 W / 1 kW (fundamental / multi- mode)
  • pulse energy: up to 150 mJ
  • minimum pulse duration: down to 350 fs
  • automatically adjustable operation modes
  • various combination of pulse trains
  • wavelength: 1030 nm
  • additional output at 515 nm, or 258 nm
  • beam quality: up to M² < 1.3
  • energy stability up to < 2 % RMS
  • power stability up to < 1 % RMS
  • customizable network interface
  • optionally, green and/or UV outputs

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any thin disk related question. It is our goal to support thin disk technology in science and industry.

I have a seed laser and want to amplify it. Is this possible?

Yes, depending on the pulse energy, either a regenerative amplifier or linear amplifier is best suited. Please let us know the details. Our amplifier systems are operated with Yb:YAG, so only amplification with a center wavelength of 1030 nm is possible. 

Does the Thin Disk Module (TDM) include a pump diode?

Our thin disk modules are prepared for fiber coupling of the pump diode. If you want to buy a pump diode and/or chiller along with the pump module, please let us know.

Can I visit D+G for a lab-tour?

Of course, we are welcoming every customer for a company tour. We also offer hands-on introduction to our thin disk modules. 

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