VaryDisk F240

The VaryDisk FEMTO is a fully functional laser system especially suited for laboratory investigations. The VaryDisk FEMTO is equiped with a femtosecond seed source, allowing ultrashort pulse durations. Additional specifications can be chosen according to our customers need by either combination of one of our four VaryDisk base versions, or with various available options listed below. Especially usefull for the VaryDisk FEMTO system is the variability option, alowing a motorized adjustment of the pulse duration. Furthermore, additional seed lasers can be used for an even larger flexibility with respect to the available pulse durations. Depending on the individual choice of parameters, the VaryDisk FEMTO  qualifies as industrial / scientific or prototype laser system. 


  • customizable output parameters
  • robust design
  • output power: up to 150 W
  • pulse energy: up to 1000 uJ
  • minimum pulse duration: up to 500 fs … 2 ps
  • pulse duration automatically adjustable
  • pulse to pulse switchable pulse duration
  • repetition rate: 100 kHz (higher repetition rates up to 1 MHz possible)
  • wavelength: 1030 nm, 515 nm, or 343 nm (with SHG, UV option)
  • beam quality: M2 < 1.4
  • energy stability up to < 3 % RMS
  • power stability up to < 1 % RMS
  • customizable network interface

The VaryDisk Series is highly customizable; parameters may change and are subject to detailed discussion with customer at the time of purchase; parameters given here are typcial realizations for the specific setup; depending on the choice of parameters, the laser system qualifies as industrial, scientific or prototype system;


Schematic Design of VaryDisk FEMTO


We offer different options along with the base versions of the VaryDisk system in order to increase the output power (power upgrade 240 W) and/or to allow additional operating modes along with the generation of different pulse characteristics, e.g. different choices of pulse durations, wavelength, or even the simultaneous generation of pulses with different pulse characteristics in one operation mode.  Some of the available options are listed below. Please consult our team for possible combination choices and further information.

  • motorized compressor (MC) for an adjustable pulse duration adjustable 2 ps … 500 fs
  • shorter pulse durations < 350 fs (even shorter upon request: FEMTO+)
  • multiple seed lasers (e.g. fs, ps, ns) for mixed pulse trains (MPT)
  • higher repetition rates of up to 1 MHz
  • pulse picker (PP-6, PP-9, PP-12)
  • active stabilizer (RMS+) for improved RMS
  • high speed warm up routine (HS)
  • customizable network Interface
  • 515 nm


The extremely short pulse durations in the range of a few hundred femtoseconds allow material processing with almost complete evaporation of the material. Compared to picosecond pulses, the higher peak power densities allow a flexible input-coupling of the radiation into various types of material. Furthermore, high ablation efficiency can be obtained and the thermal impact on the material further minimized. Femtosecond material processing is particularly suited for drilling and precision ablation of glass.

Application examples, showing the capabilities of the VaryDisk laser system, were demonstrated in our application lab. Please consult D+G for further information.for further information.


All data given here are approximate, since nearly every laser is unique with respect to our customers requests (even the specifications given here):

  • laser head approx. 200 kg, (80 x 110 x 45) cm(without optional modules)
  • rack approx. 200 kg, (100 … 180 x 80 x 56) cm3
  • laser head / rack connection: 4m
  • additional chiller might be required with up to 250 kg, (60 x 58 x 155)  cm3
    (depending on output power and repetition rate)


  • power supply 3 phases 380 V, 50 Hz + N + ground, CEE 32 A plug
  • power consumption < 4 kW … 6 kW
  • water connection barbed fittings for tubing 13 mm or 16 mm inner diameter
  • water flow  15 – 25 l/min @ 12 °C – 25 °C
  • water quality filtered 80 μm recommended, low chlorine concentration (< 200 mg/l)
  • 20 – 25°C operating temperature, low humidity
Brochure of VaryDisk-F240