Thin disk pump optics for guiding up to 3 kW of pump power multiple times over a laser active thin disk medium, such as provided by our TD20 or TD25 disks.



  • Can be operated with a pump power of up to 3 kW
  • For laser disks with a free aperture of up to 25 mm (TD 20, TD 25, TD 30) and pump spot diameters of up to 22 mm
  • For guiding the pump light with 24 passes over the laser disk; 48 passes can be offered optionally
  • The pump power should be delivered in fibers. Interfaces for common fiber connectors are available. In a special version up to three fibers can be applied
  • Water cooled frame and optics
  • Symmetrical cooling to avoid thermal misalignment
  • Inclusive collimation and fiber connector for one fiber
  • Laboratory version for R&D
  • Pump concept protected by patents EP 1 252 687 and EP 1 103 090, invented by Dr. Giesen and Coworkers, licensed to D+G; pump concept for 48 passes protected by patent DE 10 2013 114 748.8