Pockels Cell Module (PCM)

  • PCM is composed of Pockels cell, PCM driver, and Power supply units
  • For applications: intracavity operation or extracavity power modulation
  • Electro-optic non-linear crystal β-BBO is installed
  • Operation mode (λ/2 or λ/4) is available according to user’s applications

Integrated high power components for setup of free-space lasers with the simplicity and robustness of fiber lasers. Allows GW peak powers at hundred of Watts average power.

  • Pockels cell for installing one or two BBO crystals, incl. adjustable waveplate
    • high power optics for 1030 nm
    • completely enclosed beam, allowing controlled air-flow along beam path and inside electrodes to cool down
    • mini-clean room environment: overpressure prevents dust from entering
    • water cooled apertures on both sides to protect BBO crystals
    • easy alignment/exchange of pre-aligned BBO crystals mounted in removable holder
      • damage threshold < 10 J/cm² for 10 ns, 10 Hz
      • Cross sectional of 6x6, 9x9 and 12x12 mm² available with a circular clear aperture of about 80% of the side length each
    • interface for connecting additional modules, SM1 mounted optics or window
    • sensors: NTC (temperature) + SHT21 (humidity)

Brochure of PCM-12