VaryDisk E150

The VaryDisk ENERGY is a fully functional laser system with chirped pulse amplification (CPA) for laboratory investigations and/or industrial use. The output specifications of the VaryDisk ENERGY can be adjusted according to our customers needs. Depending on the individual choice of parameters, the VaryDisk ENERGY qualifies as industrial / scientific or prototype laser system.


  • output power: up to 10 W and 150 W
  • pulse energy: up to 10 mJ or 150 mJ
  • minimum pulse duration: 1.8 ps
  • repetition rate: 1 kHz … 20 kHz
  • wavelength: 1030 nm
  • beam quality: < 1.4


Schematic setup of the VaryDisk energy laser system


We offer different options along with the base versions of the VaryDisk ENERGY in order to increase the output power and/or to allow additional operating modes along with the realization of different pulse characteristics, e.g. different choices of pulse durations, wavelengths, or even the simultaneous generation of pulses with different pulse characteristics in one operation mode. Please consult our team for possible combination choices and further information.


Application examples, showing the capabilities of the VaryDisk laser system, were demonstrated in our application lab. Please consult D+G for further information.