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The disk laser was invented more than 20 years ago by our partner Dr. Adolf Giesen and his coworkers at University of Stuttgart. D+G sells, builds and develops thin disk lasers for industry and science.

Our Products + Services

Thin Disk Components

to build your own thin disk laser

Thin Disk Lasers / Amplifiers

Our regenerative amplifiers from the VaryDisk Series combined with femto / pico / nano seed laser allow pulse energies with highest peak powers, which can be further amplified with thin disk linear amplifiers

High Power Components

Mirror holder, Pockels cells, High Power Modules

Precision Beam Guiding Modules

Enhousing the beam with water cooled high precision modules. Simple as fiber optics, prepared for high power. 

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Thin Disk Amplifiers:
high average powers and pulse energies combined

D+G sells, builds and develops thin disk amplifiers for industry and science, utilizing the strength of the thin disk in generating high pulse energies at high  average powers. We offer industrial regenerative amplifiers (VaryDisk series) for the femtosecond-, picosecond- and nanosecond regime with highest beam quality and CPA free for simplicity and robustness.

For science we also offer CPA based systems with pulse energies of up to 200 mJ, or linear amplifiers (Gigapulse series).

Fundamental Mode Output Power (W)

Multimode Output Power (W)

Pulse Energy (mJ)

Peak Power without CPA (MW)

Our Main Products

VaryDisk Series

An industrial regenerative amplifier (VaryDisk) for the femtosecond-, picosecond- and nanosecond regime with highest beam quality (500 W fundamental mode and > 1 kW multimode) and CPA free for simplicity and robustness.

Thin Disk Modules (TDM)

Pump Modules for pumping the thin disk gain media. The TDM includes a fiber connector for connecting the actual pump diode with the thin disk module.

Thin Disks

Mounting of thin laser crystals, thereby ensuring effective and homogenous cooling, is the key technology for disk lasers. For various laboratory applications as well as for the series production of our OEM customers, we offer pre-mounted disk laser crystals tailored to and tested under the customer’s specifications and/or operating conditions.

Let’s build a thin disk laser together

We are looking forward finding the right thin disk product for you. Please send us some details about your application, so we can send you proposal as soon as possible.

I have a seed laser and want to amplify it. Is this possible?

Yes, depending on the pulse energy, either a regenerative amplifier or linear amplifier is best suited. Please let us know the details. Our amplifier systems are operated with Yb:YAG, so only amplification with a center wavelength of 1030 nm is possible. 

Does the Thin Disk Module (TDM) include a pump diode?

Our thin disk modules are prepared for fiber coupling of the pump diode. If you want to buy a pump diode and/or chiller along with the pump module, please let us know.

Can I visit D+G for a lab-tour?

Of course, we are welcoming every customer for a company tour. We also offer hands-on introduction to our thin disk modules. 

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