Integrated High Power Optomechanics

Integrated high power components for setup of free-space lasers by laser engineers or OEMs almost with the simplicity and robustness of fiber lasers. Integrated electronics allows tight environmental control along the beam path. Standard or customized modules are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

D+G offers various optomechanical modules* with standarized interface for the setup of a unique and customized thin disk regenerative amplifier. Such modules include the thin disk pump module, a double V-module for guiding the beam two times over the thin disk gain medium (including a TFP for output coupling), a Pockels cell module for switching the polarization of the laser beam, a beam shaping module for easy adjustment of the resonator to the curvature of the thin disk, an Etalon module for decreasing the bandwidth of the pulses inside the resonator and a SHG/THG module for wavelength conversion.
* patent application pending: DE 10 2020 124 543.2


  • beam height 50 mm or 75 mm (with posts)
  • 14 mm free aperture for beam guidance
  • beam path air sealed for protection against dust
  • electrical and water connections outside of modules

  • every degree for alignment accessible from outside
  • optics can be easily exchanged through smallest opening (air pressure will prevent dust from entering)
  • modules are positioned on 25 mm grid of optical breadboard
  • interface between modules in middle of grid position
  • kinematic mount to breadboard (if possible)
  • interface allows usage of 16 mm tubing in between modules
  • alignment tool for alignment of mirrors
  • optical damage detectors for every optical surface
  • allowing air flow along resonator beam path
  • no tubing or electrical wiring inside the modules
  • humidity and temperature detectors for survailance of operating environment inside modules
  • water cooled mirror holders
  • water cooled / thermalized modules

Exemplary 500 W fundamental mode picosecond laser

Build your regenerative amplifier with our modules. Either cavity dumped, multimode or fundamental mode output, the right choice of modules allows a highly customizable, however well serviceable and robust design. An example of a 500 W fundamental mode picosecond laser is shown here:

Feature Highlights

  • thin disk technology
    for highest beam quality
  • easy servicing without clean-room
  • tight control of environmental conditions along beam path
  • damage detection of optics
  • customizable output parameters
  • robust design
  • output power: up to 1 kW
  • standard wavelength: 1030 nm
  • additional output at 515 nm, or 258 nm
  • for highest energy stability
  • for highest power stability
  • customizable network interface (Varan, CAN, REST)

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Do not hesitate to contact us for any thin disk related question. It is our goal to support thin disk technology in science and industry.

I have a seed laser and want to amplify it. Is this possible?

Yes, depending on the pulse energy, either a regenerative amplifier or linear amplifier is best suited. Please let us know the details. Our amplifier systems are operated with Yb:YAG, so only amplification with a center wavelength of 1030 nm is possible. 

Does the Thin Disk Module (TDM) include a pump diode?

Our thin disk modules are prepared for fiber coupling of the pump diode. If you want to buy a pump diode and/or chiller along with the pump module, please let us know.

Can I visit D+G for a lab-tour?

Of course, we are welcoming every customer for a company tour. We also offer hands-on introduction to our thin disk modules. 

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