Laser Base for D+G Modules

Laser housing for integrated high power components in order to build customized free-space lasers with the simplicity and robustness of fiber lasers.


Laser base structure for setup of thin disk CW or regenerative amplifier based on D+G integrated components. D+G integrated high power components* allow the build-up of a customized free-space lasers almost with the simplicity and robustness of fiber lasers.

  • 600 x 600 breadboard
  • allows easy placement of D+G modules
  • hole for HV passthrough of Pockels cell module

optional D+G modules allow:

  • completely enclosed beam, allowing controlled air-flow along beam path
  • mini-clean room environment: overpressure prevents dust from entering
  • easy alignment/exchange of optical components due to removable holder
  • no cable and tubes in beam area
  • prepared for water cooling of apertures
  • basic self status check, interface via CAN BUS

Brochure of Laser Base Structure

* patent application pending: DE 10 2020 124 543.2

Additional information

Etalon thickness

100 um, 200 um