Gigapulse Linear Amplifier



The D+G GigaPulse is the first commercially available device achieving kW average power as well as mJ pulse energy in the short and ultrashort pulse time regime.

The D+G VaryDisk is build in a cascading laser system starting from a seed laser amplified by a VaryDisk to a power and energy level which suits the amplification properties of the GigaPulse system – typically. Other configurations are possible as well.

We engineered the GigaPulse for the following pulse energy and average power regimes:

  • 1 J; 1kHz; 1ns
  • 750mJ; 1kW; ≤ 3ps
  • 1,4mJ; 1MHz; ≤ 3ps
  • 15mJ; 100 kHz; ≤ 3ps

Depending on the pulse energy level operating in vacuum might be required. For these cases an industrially designed vacuum chamber ist available.

The pumping of the GigaPulse is done with one of the most reliable pump sources available on the market – typically: a Laserline LDF.