Customized Thin Disks

Our standard material is Yb:YAG with 7% of doping concentration (5% might be available upon request). The surface is wegded in order to supress pre-pulses in pulsed operation. Outer crystal edges are beveled to avoid ASE.

Other materials and dimensions upon request.


Mounting of thin laser crystals, thereby ensuring effective and homogenous cooling, is the key technology for disk lasers. For various laboratory applications as well as for the series production of our OEM customers, we offer pre-mounted disk laser crystals tailored to and tested under the customer’s specifications and/or operating conditions.

Other materials and dimensions upon request.

TD 12

Crystal diameter 12 mm, usable free aperture 9 mm, typical thickness around 200 µm, high damage threshold (HD): TD 12-7-HD

TD 20

Crystal diameter 20 mm, usable free aperture 15 mm, typical thickness around 350 µm: TD 20-5.

TD 25

Crystal diameter 25 mm, usable free aperture 19 mm, typical thickness around 200 µm: TD 25-7.

Interferometer Kit

For the evaluation of laser disks under load, i.e. in laser operation, an IR interferometer is offered. absolute accuracy is better than 100 nm object size up to 25 or 50 mm diameter analysis software with numerous export…