Customized Laser Systems

Special purpose laser systems based on the thin disk laser technology with specifications, which are not readily available at the market, can be built according to customer's demand:

We help you in finding the right laser design for your application with our thin disk pump modules and thin disks. Such might be for example a simple CW fundamental mode or multimode laser:

a pulsed laser oscillator:

a Q-Switch laser: 

Scheme for gain and losses during q-switching operation

a cavity dumped laser: 

Scheme for gain and losses during cavity dumped operation

or a regenerative amplifier (see also our VaryDisk regenerative amplifier): 

Scheme for gain and losses during regenerative amplifier operation

After designing and building a prototype of your laser, ample experience in macro and micro processing is used to foster the industrial application of such a laser by feasibility studies and small series production in the application lab of D+G.