D+G wins HiLASE bidding for 750 mJ picosecond laser

Within the framework of the large-scale project “HiLASE” (www.hilase.cz/en/) Dausinger + Giesen GmbH received an order from the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic to deliver an ultrafast laser system, generating 750 mJ pulse energy at a repetition rate of at least 1 kHz and a pulse duration of 3 ps.

Such unprecedented specifications so far can be reached with disk laser technology, only, and require a sophisticated set-up consisting of seed laser, regenerative amplifier, linear amplifier and pulse compressor.

TDM 30 yields 7.8 kW output power

The high power disk laser module TDM 30 of D+G is designed for high power and pulse energy applications in research and development. Four modules passed factory acceptance tests, recently. A maximum multimode output power of 7.8 kW has been achieved with the maximum pump power transmitted through fiber available at present.