Helical Drilling Optic

With our trepanning optic for drilling with highest precision, micromachining can be brought to its edge. Our trepanning optic is a tool for efficient production of high-precision holes with well-defined geometry by means of helical drilling.

Our trepanning optic is characterized by its high accuracy and simple adjustment. Hole geometries with advanced complexity can be achieved in addition to cylindrical or conical holes with sharp edged entrances and exits.

Variable drilling diameter

  • Variable beam inclination angle
  • Fully automated control
  • On-the-fly parameter adjustment
  • Highest precision and reproducibility
  • Simple adjustment
  • Designed for industrial use

Another application of a helical drilling optic is high precision cutting. Since the inclination angle can be chosen, the edge angle can be adjusted according to the applications needs. Since "normal" cutting has a certain edge angle always, this edge angle can be adjusted with the helical drilling optic. And because the inclination angle can be adjusted by PLC this angle can be maintained for all contours. 

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