Disk Laser Systems

Based on thin disk technology, D+G offers well designed laser systems with extraordinary specifications but also special purpose laser systems according to customers specifications, which are not readily available at the market.

An example for an industry and/or laboratory ready laser system is the VaryDisk platform.

VaryDisk FEMTO

The VaryDisk platform is a modularly designed pulsed laser system allowing to tailor the output specifications of the system at the time of purchase according to your needs. The system can be simple and robust for generating pulse trains with one specific pulse duration, or as the name "VaryDisk" implies extremely flexible:

With its genuine variability option "fs...us". the VaryDisk platform offers unprecedented flexibility in the choice of pulse duration from the femtosecond to the microsecond range. The variability option was developed for process development in micromachining. One of the most important tasks thereby is to find the optimum pulse duration for a given application. The VaryDisk-fs...us allows to vary pulse duration keeping other parameters like pulse energy, focus diameter or wavelength constant. Interesting fields of application are surface structuring e.g. for tribological, printing or embossing purposes and various tasks in production of PV cells.