... the thin disk laser company

The disk laser was invented more than 20 years ago by our partner Dr. Adolf Giesen and his coworkers at University of Stuttgart. Due to its advantageous cooling properties, disk laser technology offers unique combinations of power, pulse energy and beam quality, beneficial for various industrial applications and scientific research fields, e.g.:

  • material processing
  • generation of extrem ultraviolet radiation (EUV),
  • optical parametric chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA),
  • attosecond pulse generation,
  • and many more ...

unmounted and mounted thin disk as well as in operation

D+G sells, builds and develops thin disk lasers for customers in industry and science. Our philosophy is that our lasers are representing the strength of our core technology having high pulse energy as well as high  average power. Our product range shows typically unique lasers like

  • multiple pulse train lasers with > 100 W fs radiation
  • ns lasers with > 1 kW average power
  • ps lasers withh > 400 W average power
  • fs lasers with > 200 W average power
  • high energy lasers with 150 mJ and > 50 GW Pulse Peak Power
  • multipass amplifiers for power levels above 1 kW

GW thin disk picosecond laser

Patented Pump Scheme
Patented Thin Disk Pump Scheme
(DE 100 05 195 A1)

Additionally D+G supports research groups and laser manufacturers by supplying the key components, such as contacted laser disks and disk modules for pump powers ranging from several Watts up to 30 kW.