TDM 0.05 Compact

Thin disk pump optics for guiding up to 50 W of pump power multiple times over a laser active thin disk medium, such as provided by our TD12 disks.

  • Pump power up to 50 W
  • 12, 20, or 28 passes of pump radiation
  • Compact
  • Low cost
  • Water or Peltier cooled
  • Laser beam guided by turning mirror
    (free optical area 3 mm x 10 mm)
  • Exchangable thin disk (only for water cooled version)
  • SMA fiber connector
  • Pump concept published in patent application WO 2012/150257


The TDM 0.05 comes with one collimation which will define the size of the pump spot along with the used fiber core diameter. The collimation can be exchanged easily at some later time. The tabular below shows the available pump spot diameters depending on fiber core diameter and collimation (K1-K13).  

  200 µm 400 µm
K1 0.8 1.6
K2 0.95 1.9
K3 1.1 2.1
K4 0.7 1.4
K5 0.6 1.2
K6 0.7 1.3
K7 1.2  
K9 1.6  
K10 1.3  
K11 1.5  
K12 1.6  
K13 1.65  


For laser operation dust-free environment is required. Dust will cause slow degradation of the laser disk surface and output power in continuous wave operation and can cause disk damage in pulsed operation. If the set-up is mounted on a breadboard this breadboard should be placed on a flat surface. Don’t use any small supports e.g.  to realize  a three-point-support. 

A water connection is necessary for operating the TDM 0.05 thin disk module. The following specifications of the cooling water connection must be fulfilled (if other specifications are needed, please consult our team for realizability):

  • pressure: 1..2 bar
  • temperature: 20..25 °C
  • laser disk flow rate: 1 ... 1.5 l/min 
  • connections: standard fittings for tubes with an outer diameter of 6 mm
  • quality: roughly filtered, deficient in lime