Large Aperture Pockels Cell v2017

D+G Pockels Cell

The Dausinger + Giesen Pockels cell v2017 is designed to operate with high pulse energy. The large BBO crystal is used to operate the Pockels-cell with pulse energy levels of up to 200 mJ in regenerative amplifiers or even more in cavity dumped systems. It is also tested with several 100 Watt average power in pulsed operation mode.

Pockels cell v2017
Pockels cell v2017
  • Pockels cell for large pulse energies
  • apertures of 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm available
  • adjustable angle of BBO crystal pair
  • l/2 or l/4 operation with one crystal or a pair of crystals
  • high voltage of up to 14 kV with rise/fall times of 12 ns (for 12 mm aperature, shorter rise times for smaller apertures)
  • prepared for water cooling of apertures and
  • GALDEN® cooling of driver / crystal for operation at > 1 kHz and/or several hundred Watts
  • SM1 mount at beam entrance and exit
  • connection for dry air
  • driver for kHz (< 50 kHz) or optionally up to MHz operation (only for smaller crystal sizes)
  • damage threshold < 500 MW/cm2 for 10 ns, 10 Hz
  • crystal vibration damped, for multi-kHz or MHz operation*

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*patent application DE 10 2013 012 966.4