Disk Laser Components

With our thin disk laser modules (TDM) you can build your own disk laser. Disk laser modules in various power classes are available with pump powers of 50 W, 1 kW, 10 kW, and above for one single disk. Our recently developed module TDM 30 allows highest power pump radiation of more than 30 kW guided by fiber cables.

Our TDM 1.0 pump module, for example is a compact way to realize up to 48 passes of the pump beam over the disk. Without showing the pump beam as in the schematic above, please have a look into the module, itself:

For research and development we offer LABoratory versions allowing easy adjustment of optical elements. 

For your series production we offer low cost OEM modules with preadjusted fixed optics.

The completely assembled module contains:

  • a coupling unit for the pump radiation with SMA or HP fiber connector,
  • a pump chamber with optics for multipass imaging of the pump radiation onto the disk,
  • a water cooled disk holder for a D+G disk 
  • an aperture for the setup of a laser resonator.
  • our pump modules are made of stainless steel, which - compared to brass - is much more corrosion resistant and allows the usage of DI water

If desired, we are also supporting you in setting up your own laser systems, examples for which you can find on our "customized laser systems page".