1986: Prof. Dr. Helmut Hügel hired Dr. Adolf Giesen and Dr. Friedrich Dausinger to establish and manage research activities in development of high power laser sources and manufacturing techniques using such lasers, respectively. In the following years the institute's activities were focused on CO2-Lasers, mainly.

1988: Dausinger took the opportunity of the international conference LIM to present his idea of the ideal laser for welding: Power, efficiency and focusability as a CO2-laser and wavelength like a Nd:YAG-laser. The disk laser was the first one to fulfill these requirements, some years later.

1991: Invention of the disk laser. "Following the basic theory of the MIT scientist T.Y. Fan Giesen laid the foundation of the disk laser with his colleagues Klaus Wittig, Uwe Brauch and Andreas Voß. The idea how it could work came Giesen on the return flight from Fan's lecture in Los Angeles." (citation from Laser Community)

2000: Start of first series production of a disk laser at Jenoptik. Since then about 10.000 lasers mainly for medical therapy have been produced.

2002: Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize for the inventors Giesen, Wittig, Brauch, Voß et al. and for the director of the university institute.

2004: Rank prize  for Adolf Giesen for the invention of the disk laser.

2004: Start of series production of high power disk lasers at Trumpf. Since then more than 500 high-power lasers mainly for welding and cutting have been produced.

2004: Foundation of TGSW as a daughter of non profit company FGSW which was at that time closely related to the university institute IFSW.

2007: Foundation of Dausinger + Giesen GmbH. Acquisition of TGSW. Installation of both companies in a former chocolate factory in the center of Stuttgart.

2007: Giesen appointed director of the institute TP of DLR in Stuttgart.

2013: Merging of TGSW into D+G